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Helpful information and answers to common questions regarding fees, location, cancellations and more


Mr Davies’ rooms are located in Fitzgerald Offices, level 2, 85 Collins Street, Hobart. Access is via the elevator lobby on Collins Street.  Once on level 2, our rooms are located on your left at the end of the corridor.

Argyle Street and Centrepoint car parks are both within walking distance.

First appointment - please bring the following:

  • Your referral letter (unless it has already been sent to us directly from your doctor)
  • Completed new patient registration form (unless you have already returned it)
  • Medicare, private health insurance and Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) cards (if applicable)
  • A list of your regular medications and allergies


Australian health care funding can be complex.  At Davies Urology, we know this can be overwhelming and we strive to ensure our fee structure is transparent and straightforward. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.


Consultation fees are payable at the end of your consultation.

We are a private billing practice, however Medicare rebates are available for a portion of our consultation fees.

A current referral from you GP or other doctor is required for you to claim Medicare rebates.

Private health insurance only covers in-hospital care, so no benefit is payable for consultations in the rooms.

Surgical fees

Should surgery be required, we will provide you with a full surgical fee estimate, including estimated Medicare and Health Fund rebates.  

Payment for inpatient medical/surgical services in Australia is from multiple sources:

  • Medicare – typically Medicare pays your surgeon 75% of the Medicare Schedule Fee
  • Your health insurance fund – they will pay for the hospital fees (excluding any excess you might have) and pay some of the surgeon’s fee (this varies between health funds)
  • The ‘gap’ – this is the out-of-pocket expense paid by you and depends on the complexity of your surgery and what your health fund contributes to your care.

We have ‘known gap’ arrangements in place with most health funds to help provide clarity around your out-of-pocket costs – this will be discussed with you by our friendly staff

Cancellation policy

We request that you give us at least 24 hours’ notice if you wish to change or cancel your appointment to allow other patients to be scheduled.

Failure to provide adequate notice may result in being charged the full fee for the scheduled appointment.

Emergency care after hours

Please contact the rooms between 830am and 430pm daily with any concerns regarding your care.

For urgent matters after hours please contact your GP if possible or attend your local emergency department. The emergency doctor will assess you and likely discuss your case with Dr Davies (or one of his colleagues).

Contact details for emergency departments:

Calvary Hospital: 6278 5333

Hobart Private Hospital: 6214 3000

Royal Hobart Hospital: 6166 8308

Second opinions

At Davies Urology, we appreciate that undergoing medical care can be stressful and overwhelming for both you and your family.  There are often major decisions to be made when it comes to treatment.  We are dedicated to ensuring you are informed and supported throughout your care.  We encourage and are happy to provide second opinions to all patients.


Dr Davies provides emergency cover to both public and private hospitals. Although we usually run on-time, unforeseen emergencies and delays sometimes occur. We will try to notify you in advance and offer to rebook your appointment if a long delay is anticipated.

Privacy policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal information in accordance with relevant privacy legislation.

It is necessary for us to collect private information in order to ensure we provide safe and comprehensive medical care and manage our administrative processes.

Wherever practicable, this information will be collected directly from you, but we may also receive information from other healthcare practitioners, radiology/pathology providers and hospitals.

With your consent, we will only use or disclose your personal information for purposes directly relating to your care and treatment. For example, a letter will be sent to your general practitioner (GP) following each consultation or procedure to ensure continuity of care.

Please contact the rooms if you would like a copy of our Privacy Policy.

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